Rules and Code of conduct for Elements of Destruction

General Guidelines for EoD Members
  • Be Awesome!
    Be the best element you can be! by helping other elements, taking initiatives for the guilds best interests.
  • This Isn't a Reality Show!
    If you are upset by something in the guild, we encourage you to take it up with the generals/president in private tells or at the Everyday EoD forum. Ingame on the guildchannel is NOT a place for drama.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    Respect your fellow guild-mates if they ask you to tone down your language. Think before you speak.
  • Team Players
    Invite other org-mates when possible to events or raids. This is what organizations are all about. Team work!
  • Chain of Command
    Respect the decisions made by the President and Generals.
  • Organize
    Follow the guidelines that are made for different scenarios: Raids, pvp etc.
  • Do Not Be A Jerk!
    No harassment, ninja-looting, misbehaving which could damage the guilds reputation are allowed.
  • Play Fair!
    Avoiding KSing (kill stealing) at any cause even if the other players are non-omni.
  • We Are Not A Mob Squad
    Ganking of other Omnis may lead to getting kicked out of EoD. This is intentional killing of another omni without the consentcamp spot that has already been taken.  of the other players in a planned duel.
  • Again, Do Not Be a Jerk!
    No training mobs on other players to get a spot that has already been taken.