Elements of Destruction members get the benefits of having a free elementsofdestruction.com email address that can be accessed from Webmail or any software that can access POP email, such as mobile devices and computers. Members do not have to be active in Anarchy Online to receive an email address. This is provided for legacy players as well.

Once submitted, and approved, you will be notified via PM or an in-game message that your account has been activated. You will receive a temporary password that should be changed to one of your choice as soon as possible. Avoid using any passwords that you may be using for your Anarchy Online account

The following rules and terms are listed below. Elements of Destruction reserves the rights to deny, suspend or delete any email accounts that violate any conditions below.

  • Members must be registered on the EOD Portal.
  • Members are limited to one Email account no matter how many alts or accounts they may have
  • Members must have of obtained a rank of Member or above (No Applicants)
  • Email accounts may not be used for any activity that would damage the reputation of the organization
  • Email accounts must not be used to distribute SPAM, solicitations or used for any financial gain
  • It is strongly suggested to use your main characters name as the user name in the email address for easy identification
  • Any members that have been kicked from the organization will have their account deleted as soon as possible
  • Any members that leave the organization on good terms may retain their email account if desired, on a case by case basis


Email Account Application


[contact-form subject=’Email Acct Request’][contact-field label=’EOD Portal User Name’ type=’text’ required=’1’/] [contact-field label=’Desired Email Address ([email protected])’ type=’text’ required=’1’/] [contact-field label=’I agree with the terms listed above’ type=’checkbox’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]