Elements of Destruction uses Team Speak for our voice communications. We have our own organizational channel on the AOSpeak server. The channel is also open to friends that may want to chat in our channel

Below are the steps to take to join and participate in our voice chat channel:

  1. Download and install the latest version of TeamSpeak at http://www.teamspeak.com/
  2. Log into Anarchy Online, if you have not registered in AOSpeak before, you may want to use your main character to start
  3. Type /tell Speak join . This Gives you a token and instructions to use it. Process is the same when you’re adding an alt
  4. You will receive brief instructions on how to connect to AOSpeak.
  5. If Team Speak is installed on the same computer as Anarchy Online, then you can click the Quick Connect Link that is provided in the response from the tell command.
  6. If you are logging using Team Speak on another computer, you can copy the Quick Connect Link to the other computer/mobile device  or by setting TeamSpeak up manually.

Manual Setup

  1. Open your TeamSpeak client and open up a connection to a new server: voice.aospeak.com
  2. Your username will be the name of the character that you used to log in Anarchy Online and registered with the tell
  3. Once you are connected use the Access Token that was returned from the tell to Speak in the Anarchy Online window.
  4. Locate the Elements of Destruction Channel




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